We offer patent searching and analysis services at various levels.

  • Patentability Search: A Patentability Search, in some cases called a Patent Novelty Search or just a Novelty Search, is a pursuit of earlier craftsmanship (the assemblage of prior learning) directed in the interest of a potential patent candidate. We acknowledge your idea to prosper as per your imagination.
  • Freedom to Operate Search: A Freedom to Operate examination constantly starts with searching for patent writing of issued or pending licenses, and getting a lawful sentiment concerning whether an item, process or administration might be considered to encroach any patent(s) claimed by others.
  • Technology Mapping: Inside the circle of Technology Mapping and innovation maps got by methods for handling the data contained in patent and specialized article databases is a capable instrument for examining mechanical patterns. We understand these patterns to learn the insights of the design.
  • Citation Search – Mapping: When a patent is distributed it incorporates a rundown of references to already distributed licenses and writing. This reference to workmanship has some immediate significance as far as curiosity, conspicuousness or cutting edge to at least one claim in the patent. Patent analysts will allot patent references. A reference seek is a particular subject inquiry of the innovation that is firmly identified with a distributed patent.
  • Infringement search: Finding a legitimate patent in a given domain and surveying whether an item encroaches on the protected innovation is extremely critical. Infringement Search technique distinguishes whether any item/creation is encroaching your patent and furthermore recognizes whether there are any blocking licenses that hamper the flexibility of your innovation. We offer far reaching patent infringement seek report.
  • Claim analysis: Organizations need to grasp what a patent portfolio really ensures. Claim Analysis is important in building it up. Past indictment, prosecution, and post-concede survey history of a patent may have brought about the tightening of claim scope. Along these lines, it is vital to see how licenses have been already tested, and how claims may have been previously interpreted.


  • Patent Portfolio Management: With successful investigation and association your organization’s patent portfolio assesses potential business openings. We drive to recognize the quality and shortcoming of your portfolio, in view of various specialized, lawful and business parameters.
  • Competitor Portfolio Analysis: Our recreation of Competitive Benchmark considers address particular inquiries in regards to the IP portfolios and R&D systems of your key rivals, either autonomously or with respect to your own particular market position.
  • Recent Technology Trends: Investigating patent recording patterns gives key knowledge on innovation and business capability crosswise over enterprises and divisions. They can possibly impact critical choices identifying with R&D and business techniques of firms, establishments or government associations.
  • Patent process strategy for Individual inventor: Your exclusive security as the innovator of an item is a patent. What’s more? The main condition under which most potential clients/acquirers/licensees of your thought will even converse with you is whether you have any rate connected for a patent. They would prefer not to be twisted in any charges that they’ve stolen your thought. A patent application with its authoritative time stamp sets clear limits on who possesses what.
  • Market research for patent: Regardless of whether you require an online business report (which is created to give a diagram of your potential rivals in another field) or a review of your intended interest group statistic or their latest purchasing designs. We offer a complete scope of market research about administrations in India that will empower you to do these things.
  • Consultancy service to find prospective Licensee: It is imperative to understand the estimation of your licenses and investigate the adaptation openings through IP permitting. We help our customers to build up the best patent permitting in/out methodologies through an inside out investigation of their portfolio and a cautious research of particular businesses and items as target.