Patent Illustration Services:

The wide scopes of patent illustrations are:

  • Stream outlines/Block Diagrams
  • Electronic Schematics
  • Mechanical (gathering/detonated sees)
  • Biotechnical Disclosures
  • Plans
  • Grouping posting
  • Site pages
  • Trademarks

You can send directions or unpleasant representations and it be will finished in a short-term, for the most part inside seven days, and afterward send you a draft for your audit. Formal illustrations will match to the United State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and in addition the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), the European Patent Organization (EPO) and other significant patent workplaces.

Data Disclosure Statement (IDS) – Paralegal Services

There is an obligation on every single patent candidate to disclose important references that might be significant to the patentability of the candidate’s creation as built up by the USC Section 35 and related areas of 37 CFR and the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP).

Note: In case a patent candidate purposely or deliberately neglects to present any earlier workmanship to the PTO, any patent that later issues from the patent application might be marked unenforceable.

37 C.F.R. 1.56: “No patent will be conceded on an application regarding which … the obligation of divulgence was damaged through lacking honesty or purposeful wrongdoing.” Subsequent case may bring about a decision of discriminatory direct, rendering whole patent – and potentially related licenses also – unenforceable.

Key Features of Our Services

  • Plan IDS
  • Make editable, modifiable structures (1449, SB/08A, and so forth)
  • IDS Communications
  • Cross Referencing – Compare related family matters and partner references
  • Produce and fare correlation diagrams. List the applications that refer to a specific reference. Identify and gathering related applications
  • Reference Management – Global full content pursuit inside patent references and NPL Search
  • Combine movement synchronization
  • Dole out classification, sub-class, catchphrase and remark on various records


  • Sort out your patent portfolio with capacity to think about and site references and over all issues
  • Successfully oversee cross-references
  • Diminish danger of not referring to instances that ought to be referred to
  • RCE and IDS Fees costs
  • Give lawyer guide access to references
  • Dispose of deteriorate documents while recording developed EFS
  • Paralegals can enhance their patent advice by using automated techniques

We are also offering a bundle of administrations together looking for patent and which can be changed over into an IDS report; this isn’t simply paralegal work yet in addition includes inquiry and innovation aptitude.

Patent/Trademark Filings:

  • Recording archive deals for US purview
  • We give full fledge administrations to recording licenses in India
  • Trademark filings in India
  • Trademark allegation in India
  • PCT application filings in India and in USA