Intellectual Property is vital to economic growth in the India during the time of the globalization. Central government has also initiated several projects to promote IPRs for Start-Ups and MSMEs. Protection of intellectual property has become so important that companies today carry out intellectual property audits to identify their intellectual wealth and form special departments to manage them. The legal professional who specializes with matters related to intellectual properties is termed as Intellectual Property Attorneys. The major job of all Intellectual property (IP) lawyers is to protect the intellectual property rights of their clients.

Intellectual property professionals (IPR) are in great demand to procure the rights to new ideas and protect the ownership of existing creations, inventions and innovations. Most organizations hire skilled professionals in this field to handle their Intellectual property issues.

Technical graduates who have completed IPR courses but are not lawyers, are endowed with a wide range of employment opportunities as Patent analysts, Patent Engineers or agents, Patent / IP consultants/ Advisors, Licensing & Valuation experts, Patent prosecutors, portfolio managers etc.

Law Graduates (LLB, LLM) Professionals with IP law degree can work at law firms, other organizations or as independent IP attorneys. Aspiring IP lawyers can gain experience by working in any law firm or government agency specializing in intellectual property rights under an experienced licensed intellectual property attorney.
Openings are available in International law firms, Intellectual Property Offices, the World Trade Organization, non-government organizations and much more. IPR professionals are hired by large number of industries as well as the MSME sector like IT and Telecom Technology, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology, Chemical/ Energy/ Oil and Gas manufacturing units, National laboratories, Electronics/ telecommunication/automobile and heavy engineering industries etc.

IP Moment Services is a specialized consulting firm providing end-to-end IP services to its clients for building profitable intellectual property. IP Moment has well trained and highly qualified IP experts in various technical domains. IP Moment’s core competencies are to provide customized high quality and cost effective IP solutions. IP Moment is two years young firm founded by a team of IP professionals working in the science and engineering fields. IP Moment provides complete patent solutions from prior art searching to patent filing. We also help in maintaining IP portfolio of clients. Our competent and well trained professionals help to build competitive IP intelligence for clients.

IP Moment understands the importance of client’s intellectual properties and is committed to maintain high confidentiality and security of client’s information.
IP Moment is introducing a novel concept of providing training in Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) by combining theoretical and practical aspects. Our training program is more comprehensive and more like “On-job” training. This training program is designed to focus more on real IPR cases rather than assumptions. IPR training will be provided by the experts in the field of IPR. The duration of the training program will be 60 hours (3 hours a day for twenty days). It will cover IPR aspects very briefly and patent in detail.
The training program will cover Basics of different Intellectual property rights; History of the IPR; Indian Patent regime – Indian Patent Act 1970; Exhaustive training on Patent Searching; In-depth teaching on different types of searches and analysis; Patent specifications; Drafting of Claims;

At the end of the training, if your performance and quality is good then you will get chance to work with “IP Moment” on contractual basis or “IP Moment” may hire you on permanent basis.

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