Hello Friends – in last two weeks I have attended two conferences and visited three EXPO/Trade fair exhibition. I have met more than fifty manufacturers (business owners). I found that many of my fellow citizens are not aware about – What is real meaning and purpose of “patent” and “patent system”. Very few had also filed design (patent) application and couple of them has even filed utility patent – and whoever has filed these they are now became non-believer of the IP protection. They all are saying it is difficult to protect rights in India your competitor can easily copied it.

One very senior business owner of pesticide company also made statement that multinational companies are filing many patent applications and using the concept of “ever-greening” patents. Because of this reason, they do not believe in patent system.

Another example, one business owner of kitchenware company told me that “big company “Cello” who makes kitchen appliances/kitchen wares – they incurred lots of lost in protecting their IPR and cant protect their rights” (I have not found any evidence).

This makes me think that – when government, new generation entrepreneurs, investors, academician, and many others are putting their energies to promote “Innovations” and “Start Ups India concepts” – Are they (we) really understand what to do ? or just blindly following ? do we have enough local examples to show case and support our “theory” of Innovation ?

What would be your suggestion / thoughts to build – IPR-FOR-SOCIETY ?

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