“StartUps” is buzzing word in young generation people and also in government. They seems forgot to add another word to that – which is “Innovation” with “StartUps”.

What is literal meaning of “Innovate” – “make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products” OR “introduce (something new, especially a product:”.

Literal meaning of “Innovation” – “the action or process of innovating” or “a new method, idea, product, etc”.

My request to all budding entrepreneurs – please try to innovate some thing – which is not there anywhere in the world – do not just take idea from others and paste it.

This was successful in country “X” or area “y” or for community “z” or in technology domain “p” – so we can take out and implement to other place. It is also good to learn and inspire from others and adopt ideas of others. But make an effort to “ADD-ON” some thing different. Try to add value to some thing.

Most important note – try to use your intellect and create your own “intellectual property”. Not only just create your own “intellectual property” but also learn and get expert advice/suggestion on how to protect your “Intellectual Property”.

First “Start”, then “Innovate” and later you are “UP” for the game.

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